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What is Bezness?

Bezness is about money and residence permit - the term AMIGA

(The passive, "being beznessed", part believes in a long term relationship and commitment based on love and will go to great lengths to make this happen.)

Bezness is about
money and residence permits

The main problem in "making this happen" is, though, the different economic and cultural background of each partner, which puts the partner of the economic advanced country and/or the one with the higher liberties and tolerance into a serious disadvantage.
For it is he, who usually has the financial means for a wedding, it is he who is likely to tolerate different cultural views and values, and it is he, who won't accept financial or cultural barriers keeping the partners away from each other.

And, as a result, the financial burden, as well as oftenly the weight of tolerance, lies on only one shoulder.

This is, per se, not a problem - we see often that people from different financial or regional culture and language background will marry and live happily ever after without problems.
However, in all of these cases, both parties work towards the same goal and ideal - a lifelong marriage. To reach it, sometimes one part, sometimes the other, will take a step backward or forward, sometimes one will support the other, sometimes he will be supported by the other, the couple works hand in hand.
And it is a relation within the same or very similar background of language, education and values, which makes it easy to understand and anticipate the others thoughts, habits and behaviours.

A beznesser, though, does not have these wishes at all. He is after a time-limited relation that he will end as soon as his main goals are met, and, even more, he is absolutely determined to reach this goal with the least possible expense and acceptance on his part.

He doesn't care about understanding and anticipation, after all, for him, it is just a short time engagement, which does not justify giving up his own ideals and values any more and any longer than as it takes to reach his goal.


To reach his goal, a "Beznesser" always needs a counterpart, and this counterpart is in almost all cases a western woman who suffers from the so-called "AMIGA syndrome".
The word "AMIGA" comes from the german sentence "Aber Meiner Ist Ganz Anders" (But my guy is totally different). In Latin, the word "amiga" means "girlfriend".
Despite the high probability that a woman runs into a "Bezness" man, the woman keeps in almost all cases her eyes shut to the reality and takes refuge in the above-mentioned conviction that "The other men may be like that, but mine is certainly totally different".

Along with that, the victim tries to whitewash doubts of others (and even her own) and/or ignores the actual situation
(so-called selective perception) - things that are clearly noticed by third parties, like her family or friends.

The fact is, however, that most all relationships will fail, very many in the short, many in the medium and the rest in the long term.
And this happens in most cases from reasons that come in addition to the ones, from which "normal" marriages between couples from the same country are suffering.


Bezness is NOT ..x* tourism!    

..x* Tourism is tourism that takes place solely or mainly for reasons of obtaining a limited time physical relationship with a local partner during an holiday.

Bezness is different from ..x* tourism because Bezness is not targetted at a limited time period, but at a long time relationship and it contains the outspoken pretense of "love".
With Bezness, there are also no clear or even outspoken roles of "..y* boy" or "..gar* daddy", of one who pays and one who is to be paid, because one partner is always firmly believing that the relationship is based on love, while the other will do his best to strengthen that belief, and that not only for a couple of days or weeks, but as long as it takes to reach his goals.

  * We omit the first 2 letters of this word, because ...
a) we do not want people who are looking for such relations to find us in search engines, because our website is not about this topic.

b) some companies and people from countries that shall remain unnamed, do not like this word. As it seems, grown-ups and children can there watch and learn anytime how to end a persons life, but are never, ever, supposed to learn about how to begin it...

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