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How Bezness starts

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How Bezness starts

There are basically 3 Bezness situation.
The first is the traditional situation, in which a tourist will enter the country in which Bezness happens, the second is the situation in which a Bezness person is living in the country of the victim, and the third is the situation where a Bezness person is contacting a victim by online means, eg. through social networks or dating sites.

1) Contacts to tourists

To come into "contact" with a western tourist is quite easy - it is sufficient, to just talk to a tourist and check out if heshe is interested in getting to know each other closer.

The easiest way is, of course, to obtain a job in the tourist industry, especially in the animation or restauration area in an hotel or in one of the typical tourists shops, because they guarantee a maximum tourist exposure.

But even if such a position can or will not be obtained, the chances are quite good to attract the attention of a western tourist on the street, in a shop, a taxi or a discotheque.


2) Contacts in Migrant Bezness

Recently, there is even another variant of Bezness emerging, let's call it "Migrant Bezness".
Migrant Bezness occurs, for example, when a migrant manages it, by whatever means or reasons, to reach a western country. Or when he got there for legal reasons, but this reason is no longer valid, eg. when his work or student visa expired.
If he then cannot achieve a residence permit by other legal means, eg. as a legal "refugee", or by finding an (other) official job, he will have to, sooner or later, leave the guest country and go back to his home country.

However, 2 situations will prevent it that he has to leave the country: the marriage with a citizen of this country, and, in some countries, fathering or mothering a child with a citizen.
The knowledge about this "way in" is not rare at all, some social workers recommend to go this way to be able to stay in a country, some refugee help organisations name this option, and some human traffickers recommend it.
Plus, in their home country, where the next waves of migrants prepare for their journey, this information is spreading fast as well.

Consequently, the reports of migrants seeking women to marry (most migrants are male) and/or get a child fast have been increasing.

There is an additional problem here, though - since quite a few migrants who suspect that they won't become recognized as legal aliens, "loose" their identification papers and might apply using a random name with the authorities.
In many countries, they will not be allowed to marry without identification papers, though. Here, there has been reported a definite trend to try to father a child and/or to marry in a religious manner.
This occurs namely with people of islamic belief who resort to a so-called "Urfi marriage" which is, however, not recognized as a valid (legal) marriage by most western countries - and which, by the way, won't constitute any rights for the women in that marriage either (for example as in support by the husband).

3) Contacts in Online Bezness

With Online-Bezness, it is even easier - one can simply send an online message to another member of a social network, of a web forum, of a discussion or language learning group or of a dating site to start a conversation.
The more information a beznesser can get, the more he can refine large numbers of targets. For example, he could search for everyone with an interest into his language, his religion or his homeland and then send out 50, 100 or more messages ... at least some of the receivers will answer.

With Online Bezness, it is also quite common that a Beznesser has multiple identities with different networks/forums/groups in order to keep his contacts separated and ignorant of each other.

Targets of Bezness

TV documentation and press articles often give the impression that the target groups of Bezness are mainly naive, ignorant, unattractive men and women - but in reality, this is not true, not at all.

True is rather, that the age or attractiveness of a man or woman have no relevance for a bezness relationship, because the bezness man or bezness woman is primarily not even looking for personal advantages of a person, but only for the material advantages that heshe can give.
But, of course, men and women who are attractive will be preferred (but not picked BECAUSE they are attractive).

Generally, bezness men have 3 target groups:
  • single, young and well situated women
    Exactly this is the ideal in their own society as well. Marriages between a man and woman take place usually within the same age group (+- 2 years), and if one of them is considerably older (more than 10 years), then it is always the man, never the woman.
  • single elderly women
    The age of a woman plays, in a bezness relation, as decribed above, only a minor role. With older, single, women there is, however, a high chance of them being financially sound (and if it is even from the  viewpoint of the Bezness man) and craving for a young lover.
    Once again, to make it really clear: A serious relationship between a man and a woman who is considerably older (10 years and more) is, in most countries, absolutely unthinkeable and is rejected by the society - people laugh and make derogatory jokes about it.
  • all other women
    It even doesn't matter whether the woman is married or not. Sometimes, Bezness men try to advance tourist women even when her husband is sitting right next to her. The husband might even feel proud about it or does not take any serious notice - but a local husband would not wait a second and sanction the advance of the bezness man by adjusting his attitude right away and by whatever methods necessary.
    No wonder that western women are regarded by some local men as "fair game where anything goes" - one only has to try.
    Regarding divorced women, they are not the main prey for bezness men, however, they also are apparently wealthy (after all, they can afford to take an holiday) and may probably not rejecting the idea of a lover or potential stepfather for their child.
The objectives of a bezness man are, in this order:
  • Visa to a western country
    Not a temporary one for tourists, but one to stay forever - which can be only obtained fast and easy by a marriage or, with some countries, even by fathering a child without the need to marry.
  • Financial donations
    These are all the advantages, one can obtain - or, in other words, everything that comes money-free. Be it small sums of money or small gifts, be it big sums and gifts, everything is welcome and is being used by oneself or bartered or sold.
    Tourists (in general) usually will not think about making a gift to someone that is, in their own eyes, inexpensive or invite someone to a meal or bar, after all, it is holiday time as well and one does not turn every penny, and others simply may feel sorry for a native of a poor country.
    However, what is peanuts for tourists, can be quite an advantage for a local man earning just a low wage, and, to gain this advantage, it makes sense to play responsive in a lot of ways or say exactly what the tourist wants to hear.
  • Fun in bed
    No explanation needed for that really.

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