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Bezness can be everywhere ... you might even have witnessed it

Bezness in holiday countries

You sit in your favorite holiday country in a cafe and watch the people walk by, old and young, men and women, singles and couples.

But suddenly you notice something that seems not to fit into the scenery. You see couples consisting of a locale man or woman and a tourist man or woman.

You think for a second - and then you know, that in today's world, it is not unusual that people from different countries form a couple, and this is what happened here as well, absolutely normal, you will think.
However, as you keep watching, you still notice something unusual ... and you realize that this feeling comes from binational couples with obvious age gaps or 10, 20 and more years. Absolutely normal again, you almost think ... but you know that this is not true, because the percentage of age gap couples is here much higher than in your home country.

The chance is very high that you are witnessing Bezness here.

Bezness in your home country

You meet a nice man or a gorgious woman on the streets, in a cafe or club and you start to talk to him or her. He or she comes from a country far away - and not much developed - and you discover that this person is a student, has a job here, or he is an asylum seeker, or even an illegal resident.
But heshe is nice and very keen on getting close to you. You might, at one point, realize that to stay together with your new found match, you will have to marry him or her ... or heshe has to leave the country sooner or later.

Again, the chance is very high that you are witnessing Bezness here.

Bezness in web forums and social network communities

One day, when you visit your favorite community in a social network or forum, another member starts to talk to you. You do not know him - or her, but heshe is keen on getting to know you, and, after a short while, you start to write and talk by all means of the internet, because this formerly unknown person, from a low developed and far away country, seems to be a perfect love match for you.

And again, there is the very high chance that you are witnessing Bezness here, only that it is called now Online-Bezness.


But, you will now probably say, how could you classify people so fast, so simple, how do you dare to categorize with only few information about them?

However: We didn't ... read again! We did talk about certain conditions that have been met, not about a random situation and person, and we talked about a high probability, not a certainty.

Bezness is a matter of make belief and a matter of trust and confidence, and the fact that, each years, tens of thousands of women and men fall prey to Bezness, shows, that, under certain conditions, our inner "common sense" can and will be deceived.

This website is about information - information on what is bezness, how to detect bezness, how to prevent bezness and it will present additional useful information and links about this topic.

In the end, it will be YOU, who will have to classify a definite situation, with a defined person, as Bezness, or not. And it is just and only up to you, because it is you who will and have to deal with a given situation.
All that we can do here, is to help you to make an informed decision and to take a better assessment - but that is, where our part ends ... and YOURS begins!


Please note!

Throughout this website, we will deal primarily with Bezness between foreign men and western women, because this combination presents the most problems - we will, however, mention as well the combination western man and foreign woman and point out differences, if necessary.
In the course of this website we will, therefore, use predominantely and for the sake of simplicity, the male form (he) for an actor in Bezness and the female form (she) for a victim of bezness.

Please keep in mind that this website is about Bezness and persons who deceive others, and not about random persons from foreign countries.
It is about specific people who talk and behave differently than a "normal" person in a given situation would do.

On this website, you will learn what Bezness is and how a person, who is performing Bezness, will most likely talk and behave.

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