Data security

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Data security

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In general, all and every data exchange via the internet and electronic storage of information is subject to possible intrusion by non-authorized parties (aka hackers, crackers, and so on). The only thing that participants can do, is to make such intrusion attempts as hard as possible and decrease the chances of such opportunities.

This forum maintains the following procedures in order to do so:

1) Mandatory secure (https) connections in web browers
2) Log file entries will become pseudonymous after 1 day
3) Log file entries are being deleted after 1 week
4) User passwords cannot be retrieved or viewed by the forum (or server) administration. The administration can (but will not unless specifically requested by a user) issue a NEW password, though.
5) Almost all forum features can be accessed without Javascript (with Javascript it might be a bit more comfortable though).
6) For more information on privacy and cookies please see the link on the bottom of this page:
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