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Forum registration - become a member

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To become a member of this forum, please select the "register" button. The register form will turn up. The register form requires Javascript to be active due to an "I am not a robot" check that takes place in the background (silent captcha).
Note: Generally, to visit the forum, you won't need Javascript, though.

1) Pick a username and password and submit the form. You will receive an email confirming the registration.

2) Next, an administrator of this forum will, as soon as possible, check the registration as an additional precaution against unwanted registrations of spammers and such, and will then activate the account. You will receive an email that your account is now active (if you won't receive the email, whatever the reason, lost in spam, mailbox full, typing error ... your account could still be activated anyway: wait for a maximum of 24 hours and then try the next step).
--> Now you can login to the forum.

3) Check and adjust your personal forum profile.

4) As a new member, you are subject to restrictions until you have written 3 posts into the public forum. This, also, happens in order to prevent unwanted registrations.
The restrictions are: 1) You cannot send private messages to other forum members and 2) your public posts will have to be checked by the moderators first before they are being published. You cannot use a signature and your forum member name will be colored in cyan color.

5) After 3 posts, you will automatically become a full member of this forum! Your forum member name will then be colored in green color.
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